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Safety Breakaway & Quick Coupling

Product Information

Safety Breakaway Couplings are
passive devices located between terminal pipe-work and flexible hoses.They are used in the safe transfer of bulk hazardous liquids and gases,including cryogenics.The couplings are typically employed in the liquid transfer between terminals and road tankers, rail tankers, and ships. Breakaway couplings are also used in ship-to-ship transfer, as well as supply vessel to drilling rig and offshore applications.With a proven track record around the world, our customers know that the risk of spillage is reduced, giving them peace of mind.

Product NameSafety Breakaway & Quick Coupling

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Safety breakaway coupling:
• Road tanker loading and unloading
• Rail tanker loading and unloading
• Supply vessel to drilling rig
• Process product transfer
Typical products handled:
• Liquefied gases such as LNG, Butane, Propane, and Propylene
• Oils such as Crude, Diesel, Fuel Oils, and Jet A1
• Chemicals such as Ammonia, Methanol, Aromatics, Ethylene &
Propylene, VCM, Alcohols & Acids, Refrigerants, Forane
• Speciality including Hydraulic Oils, Inks, Paints, Solvents,
Locomotive Fueling, Helicopter Fuelling, and Aircraft De-Icing


• Positive shut off with unidirectional valve motion
without complex mechanisms

• Accurate break loads engineered to specific application

• No pressure containing welds within the bespoke construction

• Hydrostatic testing for each individual coupling

• Manufactured to the highest quality standards

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